Dan Ovidiu GLAVAN, Theoharis BABANATSAS, Cornel CIUPAN, Roxana Mihaela BABANATIS-MERCE, Ioan RADU, Marcelo Calvete GASPAR


 Massive structures with low displacement are not anymore option of choice for modern and precise cutting tool machines. Our team is researching to define new types of structures with two main qualities: controlled deformations easy to predict and therefore to correct with the clear purpose to get the „ideal” product and right materials and way of manufacturing the structure itself in order to obtain lower vibration levels. The paper analyses welded and molded structures, in this case referring to previous papers in dynamics conditions, willing to determine advantages and disadvantages of using them for frames in projecting, producing and exploitation of tool machinery. Experiments following two different principles were done and their results are briefly presented in this paper in order to sustain our theory.

Key words: Lathe, inclined bed frame, precision, load, displacements, welded, molded.

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