Lorand KACSO-VIDREAN, Raluca-Dorina BAIDOC, Daniela Corina JUCAN, Adrian PÎSLĂ


Nowadays, the processes digitization is of top priority. Time is increasingly as enemy and by the evolutionary effect must find solutions to gain it. How is possible? By digitizing the manufacturing and logistic process. Regarding the photovoltaic green, renewable energy there is also a need for digitization to push the limits of the generation capacity and to reduce the energy losses in the electricity generation chain. In the photovoltaic system, energy losses may have multiple causes. The paper addresses the photovoltaic energy losses caused by the dust deposition congruential with the type of soil in the location environment. In order to ease the operator's work with data transmission in real time, the process is digitized and user graphical interfaces are developed. In this way, the user will know when and where to act for the photovoltaic maintenance and interventions, to maximize the power output of photovoltaic work over the system lifecycle.

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