Oana Adriana CRIȘAN, Horea George CRIȘAN, Viorel DAN, Florina Maria ȘERDEAN


The main purpose of this paper is, on the one hand, to carry out a statistical analysis about the degree of preoccupation with the circular economy at national level through activities carried out in accordance with the legislative requirements imposed on the European level and on the other hand, the realization of a case study on the possibilities of optimizing the technical and economic activity of a commercial company in terms of environmental and resource protection considerations as a model for putting into practice the theoretical concept of circular economy. In order to make the analyzes possible regarding the circular economy concept and how it is understood and applied in Romania country, at the macro level, it has been utilized the existing indicators from a national public database,  and at the micro level, for the purpose of carrying out a case study on the optimization of the washing activity of the means of transport, in the context of the circular economy, it were used the data provided by the commercial urban transport company that has been analyzed.

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circular economy, linear economy, waste management, resource consumption, industrial waste, reuse of wastewater.


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