Monica STEOPAN, Florin POPISTER, Cornel CIUPAN, Bogdan AGRIJAN, Grigore Marian POP


The general objective of the authors of present paper was to develop a concept for a thin sheet metal semi-automated manipulator, using competitive design tools and techniques like AHP, QFD and TRIZ. Using the framework of Design for 6 Sigma, by implementing the tool and based on specialty calculus, a concept for an articulated arm for handling thin metal sheets and a gripping device with suction cups that can manipulate metal sheets of different sizes was developed. The competitive design tools were used to identify the requirements of the end-user - S.C. European Fabrications S.R.L., to analyze and filter the specific characteristics and functions, to achieve the proposed topic: the design of a simple mechanism, easily achievable with the lowest possible costs and the highest possible safety. The final concept was designed based on a SCARA type robot having a modular and flexible suction coup gripper. To employ and solve the engineering calculus regarding the motors and the needed amount of valves the Mathcad software was used. For strength checking the gripping device, Dassault Systemes’s Catia was used. Based on the final concept functionality and characteristics, the end-user acquired a manipulation system that fulfills most of the results of the analysis.

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Key words: competitive development, automated manipulator, sheet metal, six sigma


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