Cornelia-Florentina DOBRESCU


This paper treats the concept of Zener linear viscoelastic modulus applied in the vibration compaction process of the soils stabilized with ecological liquid substances brought into atomization state at significant pressures and flows. In this case, by treating soils with ecological stabilizers in the process of milling, mixing and making the road layers, a suitable mixture is obtained for road layers with superior performance to the natural soil. The dynamic compaction effect with vibrating roller cylinders is determined by the stiffness of the land and the structural damping influenced dynamically by the excitation frequency and by the parametric inertial values in static mode. Thus, taking into account experimental results obtained in the laboratory and "in situ", this research highlights the behavior of soil stabilized according to the Zener model. Thus, the parametric values of the model as well as their variation are determined according to the excitation angular frequency are determined for several experimental cases obtained in the testing area.

Keywords: Zener rheological viscoelastic modelling; dynamic compaction; stabilized soils

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