Nicu-Marian TRANDAFIR, George ARGHIR, Liviu BRÂNDUȘAN, Gabriel BATIN


Heat exchangers of hybrid vehicles contain brazed joints composed by aluminum alloy AlMn1 and nickel Ni201. Depending on the environment in which they are located, these joints can corrode and, consequently, endanger the functionality of the heat exchanger. As the AlMn1 / Ni201 brazed joint is a metallic joint, it must be tested for corrosion, especially if the hybrid car circulates in areas with high salinity of air or water (sea breeze, saline mines etc.). At the same time, acid corrosion testing is required because hybrid vehicles contain more batteries and in case of battery failure, leakage or loss of sulfuric acid may corrode the AlMn1 / Ni201 brazed joint. In this work, it is demonstrated that the acid corrosion rate is higher than the saline corrosion rate due to the higher aggressiveness of acetic acid compared to that of sodium chloride.

Key words: brazing, aluminum-nickel brazing

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