George CONSTANTIN, Constantin DOGARIU, Claudiu-Florinel BÎȘU, Andrei GHEORGHIȚĂ, Dragoș AROTĂRIȚEI, Ionuț Gabriel GHIONEA


Abstract: The article treats a main spindle-bearing assembly that operates at high speeds from the perspective of complex modeling. The simulation of the dynamic and thermo-mechanical behavior is considered. Some important contributions are highlighted regarding the complex simulation of the main spindle. Mathematical modeling of heat generation in radial-axial angular contact ball bearings is treated. The heat generated is considered the source in the FEM models. The article approaches a case study of the main spindle of a milling machining center with speeds up to 9000 rpm. The experimental results regarding the temperatures of the bearings for various speeds with and without cooling of the casing and dynamic measurements are achieved. The CAD model of the main spindle studied is generated and imported into the FE program. Based on the mathematical model of the heat, the model is loaded with the bearings and belt drive heat sources and, as a result of the simulation, the overall temperatures is obtained. The situations without cooling (up to 4000 rpm) and with cooling 4000-8500 rpm are considered. The simulated values almost overlap with those measured, so that the model is validated. The thermal deformations for the cooled and non-cooled assembly are obtained by simulation. The natural frequencies are obtained by dynamic simulation and compared with the working ones. The conclusions emphasize an algorithm for experimental research combined with mathematical modeling and numerical analysis through FEA and specific aspects related to the functionality of the assembly.

Key words Main Spindle, Angular Contact Ball Bearing, Heat Transfer, Thermal Parameters, FEA.

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