Abstract: The purpose of the work is to create productive hardware based on modern software to control technological processes’ parameters. Laplace transforms are performed to mathematically model the delayed components. For the first time a mathematical model of a computing block is proposed in the form of sequentially connected zero-order extrapolators and an aperiodic delay circuit, which is determined by the duration of the input signal processing process. A block diagram of programmable control system of the longitudinal feed of the grinding wheel is constructed and the transfer function is obtained. An information technology for adjusting the frequency characteristics of hardware using the neural network technology method is developed, which is to regulate the length of information links between the components of the transfer function. It is established that the change in the gain of the aperiodic chain affects the transmission coefficient of the control system and the phase characteristic does not change. Based on the discrete Laplace transform using the Matlab software environment with the Simulink extension, a scheme of computer simulation of the conversion process by the input hardware is constructed. The method of identification of the parameters of mathematical models of hardware for controlling the longitudinal flow of the grinding wheel is proposed.

Key words: frequency response method, hardware, performance, mathematical and computer simulation

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