Raul Silviu ROZSOS, Zsolt Levente BUNA, Ștefan BODI, Radu COMES, Vasile TOMPA


Abstract: The paper presents the design process and the development of a linear Delta 3D printer. The most commonly used mechanical structure for Fused Deposition Molding (FDM) printers is based on the traditional parallel mechanism. This paper highlights the advantages of a Delta structure 3D printer in comparison with the Cartesian structures regarding various technical specifications such as accuracy, printing speed, layer thickness and the overall printer’s size. AHP Instruments were used to identify the optimal design of the printer and a Pugh matrix was devised to obtain the best ranking of the possible 3D printing structures. The developed printer’s accuracy has been compared with other market available Cartesian structure printers to highlight the accuracy paired with printing speed of the Delta 3D printer.

Key words: 3D printer, additive manufacturing, design, AHP

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