Florina BESNEA (PETCU), Stefan Irinel CISMARU, Andrei Costin TRASCULESCU, Ionut Cristian RESCEANU, Marian IONESCU, Hani HAMDAN, Nicu George BIZDOACA


During continuous development, Virtual Reality (VR) technologies propose new challenges regarding partial or total immersion in a simulated environment using a computer and a Head Mounted Device (HMD). Thus, tools were created to offer new means of interacting with the surrounding environment but with the advantage of preventing harmful actions, thus making them perfect and extremely versatile tools for training. Knowledge acquired during the experiments and simulations conducted by the authors in previous research, based upon developing a sensory glove, proves that it can be applied in medical issues, surgeries and even in the recovery of patients. The purpose of this paper is to integrate a sensory glove with haptic feedback into a virtual environment, which a person can use to experiment a new way of learning in a real and possible situation without taking any risks. The novelty consists in the development of devices that facilitate the training through Virtual Reality applications in a cost-efficient manner.

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