Gigel Florin CĂPĂŢÂNĂ


In this paper the author presents a computational model for simulation of the vibratory compaction technological process. The analysis of complex interaction between the vibratory technological equipment and the terrain layers assuming the large area of dynamic and rheological instances which appears within this system, frame the main objective of this study. Proposed model are based on both continuously and lumped elements which have been combined thus that it was supplied the capability of depth compaction provided by the equipment and also the capacity of terrain to enable and dignify deep inside consolidation phenomena. In respect with this hypothesis the computational results reveal an appropriate behavioral estimation comparative with in situ tests analysis. Fine reconfiguration of the model according with realistic database information and tuning of the essential parameters in respect with regular in situ investigations will convert this model into a scalable computational approach of vibratory compaction with serviceable application in real-time monitoring and leading this technological process.

Keywords: vibration, dynamics, rheology, computational analysis, compaction process.

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