Lucian Gheorghe GRUIONU, Răzvan Sabin STAN, Anca Loredana UDRISTOIU, Andreea Valentina IACOB, Stefan UDRISTOIU, Cătălin CONSTANTINESCU, Gabriel GRUIONU


Early diagnosis in lung cancer often requires finding and biopsy peripheral nodules located in the parenchyma of the lung, outside the small airways. Because bronchoscopes are too wide to reach the small peripheral airways, the surgeon advances blindly a sharp biopsy needle from the bronchoscope into the lung tissue in the approximate direction of the lesion which comes with a high risk of misdiagnosis. To improve the accuracy of the biopsy procedure, real time X-ray (fluoroscopy) is implemented, exposing the patient and physician to harmful radiation. We have recently developed a prototype of robotic electromagnetic and optical navigation robotic (ENDORO) and computer (iMTECH) platform, which is affordable, easier to manipulate in the operating room and assists both diagnosis and surgical removal of malignant lesions. Once the pre-clinical and clinical feasibility is demonstrated, we plan to continue product development and clinical trials in a dedicated medical device facility.

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