Robert Cristian MARIN, Adrian Bebe OLEI, Iulian ȘTEFAN, Ionel Dănuț SAVU, Cristian Daniel GHELSINGHER, Sorin Vasile SAVU, Andrej DAVID


The present paper proposes the realization of some researches on the heating conditions of the cordierite ceramic monolith in unidirectional microwave field for the optimization of the reduction processes by selective catalysis of NOx emissions from non-road transport systems. Previous research has revealed the possibility of rapidly reaching the temperature required to initiate the catalytic reaction for injected power of 1200 W microwaves, cordierite monoliths having different sizes and shapes. Research has also shown that the ceramic support of the catalyst interacts best with microwaves when its shape is cylindrical. The paper aims to optimize microwave heating mechanisms by exposing cylindrical samples with different diameter / heights ratios.

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