In this study it was proposed to obtain an alloy based on titanium but which would allow to reduce the cost price of its elaboration and, on the other hand to have improved wear properties and work hardening ability. For these reasons, titanium hydride was used as based material, which has a lower cost price than pure titanium and, due to the dehydrogenation property during sintering treatment, which allows the intensification of densification. For the same reasons it was considered opportune using PM techniques as a cost-effective way. Thus, for this comparative research, a classic sintering process was chosen, on a single level and a sintering regime in two steps. In order to improve the wear behavior of the material, small amounts of metal were added: 8%wt. Mn, 6%wt. Alumix321, 3%wt. Sn, 2%wt. Zr, and 1%wt.  graphite. Final microhardness, microstructural aspects and the wear behavior of the titanium hydride-based alloy have been studied. It was found that the hardness of the sintered samples in two steps was increased, the wear resistance improved and the relative constancy of the values of the friction coefficients.

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