Catalin MOLDOVAN, Cosmin COSMA, Nichita Larisa MILODIN, Christina TEUSAN, Petru BERCE, Nicolae BALC


Among the most advanced technologies developed in recent years, additive manufacturing (AM) is one that meets the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This study presents a redesigning approach of a robot gripper claw based on composite 3D printing method. The work is focused on the structure and layout of the continuous reinforcement fibers able to make a weight reduction and to increase the stiffness. The pattern strategy of fibers could be mixed to improve the mechanical response of the redesigned component at reasonable manufacturing costs. Finite element analyses (FEA) were developed to evaluate the proposed designs which used advanced materials as sandwich composites 3D printed. Compared to the conventional design of a nylon part, the reinforced models show an increment of stiffness. The redesigned models had a von Mises tension up to 60 MPa and a safety factor around 3.5. Based on these preliminary findings, future study could be developed to optimize and to customize the design of robot gripper claws using composite 3D printing technology.

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