Teofil Alin ONCESCU, Alin PETCU, Daniela TARNIȚĂ


The long exposure of the human body to mechanical vibrations is a risk factor in terms of health and comfort of the driver being influenced by biomechanical variables that determine the intensity of vibration, frequency and amplitude. The aim of this study is to carry out an experimental investigation to assess the comfort state  associated with different types of terrain and traffic speeds of a tractor. The levels of vibration produced during the experimental tests are evaluated using 3 tri-axial accelerometers mounted on driver's seat, on back seat at the spine level and on the floor of tractor cab, under the driver's support leg. The collected data are processed with the help of Vats Nex Gen Ergonomics software, and the methods for measuring the whole-body vibrations is based on the international standard ISO 2631-1.

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