Toru NAKAGAWA, Darrell MANN, Michael ORLOFF, Simon DEWULF, Simon LITVIN, Valeri SOUCHKOV


This is the 4th report of the World TRIZ-related Sites Project (WTSP).  After the submission of our ETRIA TFC2020 paper (May, 2020) we have made two big achievements: (1) Completing the Beta Edition of the World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ sites and around-TRIZ sites (Jul. 2020).  (2) Presenting the WTSP activities and outputs at 4 international and 1 domestic TRIZ related-conferences held online (late Sept. - early Nov. 2020).  We are working since then to enhance the WTSP Catalogs by (A) getting attractive and useful introductions of individual websites written by site owners and (B) getting manuscripts of Country WTSP Catalogs by collaborative team work in various countries.  Unfortunately, however, we have got very little contributions so far.  The present paper explains the structure of the current World WTSP Catalogs by illustrating with excellent new examples of close site introductions and also the process of building them.  The difficulties in getting voluntary contributions to the project are discussed.  We are going to (C) carry out top-down Internet surveys in a number of important countries and support the bottom-up jobs (A) and (B).  Let' work Together ! Connected !!    

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