Doina PISLA, Iulia ANDRAS, Calin VAIDA, Nicolae CRISAN, Ionut ULINICI, Iosif BIRLESCU, Nicolae PLITEA


The paper presents a new approach concerning a new hybrid robotic system for Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS). The main characteristics of the proposed robotic solution are defined based on a critical analysis of the current achievements in robotic surgery and the specific ergonomic limitations in SILS. The proposed hybrid solution has a master-slave architecture. The surgeon master console uses twin haptic devices for surgical instrument manipulation and Augmented Reality (AR) tools, whereas the slave hybrid robotic system uses a KUKA iiwa LBR collaborative robot in combination with independent orientation modules for the active instrument guidance. Several kinematic solutions are presented for the orientation module, together with their structural analysis. Furthermore, the integration of the hybrid solution in the Operation Room (OR) is also presented, highlighting its ergonomics.

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