Adriana ŞTEFAN, George PELIN, Alexandra-Raluca PETRE, Monica MARIN, Cristina-Elisabeta PELIN, Sorina ILINA


Composite materials based on carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP) have gained importance for use in structural applications during the last few decades. In the present study, the tensile, flexural, shear, and comparison tests with numerical simulation are considered. The composites were obtained in the autoclave, and cured under controlled conditions, using a gradual increase of temperature. Test specimens were cut along two fiber directions, 0° and 90°, in order to compare the material behavior along these directions. The numerical simulation analysis was calculated using Nastran software. The microstructure was analyzed using optical microscopy and scanning electronical microscopy, observing the fractures, voids and fiber delamination.

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. M18/1 Prepreg Datasheet


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