Claudiu Ioan RATIU, Camelia Ioana UCENIC


Fluid filtration units with self-maintenance operation, due to their efficiency, have a widespread in industrial fields as chemical industry, food, wastewater, or agriculture. This paper is a stage in an extended program of applied research on the design and testing in prototype mode of new constructive solution of filters with operation in self-maintenance mode with applications especially in irrigation systems. The aims are to determine the optimal amount of fluid under pressure used for self-cleaning, the efficiency of the process and hence, the establishment of the energy required for this operation. The context is the determination of filters’ efficiency. The filters which were analyzed are characterized by a filtering surface of 950 cm3, a maximum flow 400 liter/ minute and a maximum working pressure 10 bars. The resulted minimum pressure for self-cleaning operation is 2 bar and the necessary flow is 140 l/minute.

These filter units are complex electro-hydraulic structures where all the functional elements are correlated and closely related to the automation part. The pressure sensors, solenoid valves and PLC help the whole system to work in automatic control mode (automatic control theory). The correct fluid dimensioning of the elements that make up the self-cleaning device determines the efficiency of the filter. The theoretical results in fluid mechanics are recommended to be confirmed and corrected by experimental methods on stand.

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