Mihai BUGARU, Ovidiu VASILE, Marian NEAGOE


The paper reveals the experimental research carried out, in the anechoic chamber at the department of mechanics of University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, to high-lite the noise reduction (the acoustic attenuation) from the source (S) to the receiver (R), using different material layers for the noise barrier. The tests were performed on an experimental model having the dimensions 2mx1.5m, considering an incident wave angle of the source with respect to the receiver, having initially a diffraction angle of 00 (in the shadow field, orthogonal on the plane of the barrier), subsequently with a diffraction angle of ± 450 (angle of the receiver with respect to the direct straight angle of the source). The experimental results are presented as a function of the internal layers of the barrier’s structure as well as a function of the incident diffraction angle of the sound wave. The conclusion of the paper reveals the basic differences obtained by this experimental research.

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