Marian RĂDULESCU, Horia MOCANU, Alexandru NECHIFOR, Adela Ioana MOCANU


The analysis employes Claude Bernard’s physiological method of establishing the function of internal organs to reinterpret a classical experiment by Yee A.L. & Cantekin E.I. The surprising results could only be explained by the existence of the D-Organ (The Danaïdes Organ) which we define within the middle-ear (ME) and compare to the Eustachian tube (ET) in terms of middle-ear ventilation. Its function could only be completely defined via a physical-mathematical model. The ventilation of the middle-ear is therefore achieved by the D-Organ, a biological pump, consuming metabolic energy to move gases against pressure gradients and the F-Organ with role in passive diffusion of gas using pressure gradients, in accordance to Fick’s law.

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