Marian-Daniel DRAGOSTE, Irina DUMA, Nicolae CORDOȘ, Adrian TODORUŢ


The paper evaluates mathematically the performance of the vehicles by identifying the possibilities of evaluating their driving performances in different considered operating situations. The forces at the wheels, forward resistance forces and the forces and powers required to overcome them, for different driving conditions, are achieved by developing a numerical calculation model in the MathCad program, which provides comparative results, with graphical interpretation, on the characteristics of traction and power of the vehicles under study, taking into account the propulsion system, the construction parameters, the used gears, different tilt angles of the road, etc. Thus, it is possible to identify the influence of the vehicle's construction parameters and the driving conditions, on the dynamic performances, with reference to the traction and acceleration possibilities of the considered vehicles, but also to identify the gears that can be used in different operating conditions.

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