Adrian Calangiu, Sorin Dumitru, Cristian Copilusi, Adrian Sorin Rosca, Mihai Demian, Nicolae Dumitru


The paper addresses an optimization process of a connecting rod from an internal combustion engine and the research was done in two parts. One part consists of dynamic analysis for the analyzed engine mechanism through a method that combines simplified models from mechanisms dynamics and virtual prototyping with the aid of MSC Adams. Thus, it was established the engine torque variation diagram when the mechanism geometry, material and inertial characteristics are known and gas pressure on the piston head was experimentally obtained. The second part was dedicated to developing an optimization procedure of the engine mechanism connecting rod in a dynamic mode with the use of ANSYS. For this are known the design variables, objective functions and constraints imposed by a structural analysis with finite element method. The obtained results and the parameterized system allow identifying an important premise for an optimal dynamic study of the mechanisms characterized by fast motions.

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