Dragoș CĂPĂȚINĂ, Cristina Marilena NIȚU, Mihaiela ILIESCU


The discrete variation of equivalent stiffness coefficient in the first elastic step is performed in order to determine the optimum solution of the dynamic regime in the vibratory compaction process. Research results on the influence of equivalent stiffness coefficient for the first elastic step over the dynamic response of single drum vibratory roller equipment are evidenced in this article. This influence is evidenced by the variation curves of vibration amplitude function of excitation pulsation. The favorable dynamic regime is defined by the discrete variation interval of excitation pulsation so that the vibration amplitude of the compaction vibratory roller to be high enough and adequate for the compaction technological process, as long as the other vibration amplitudes are small enough, fit to be neglected.

The variation curves of vibration amplitude have been determined for the functional and constructive model of a self-propelled vibratory compactor with one vibratory roller (CVA 4-5) and anti-vibration elements designed and manufactured in homologated technology. The elastomer characteristics have been determined according to ongoing standards.

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