Cristian Daniel GHELSINGHER, Dalia SIMION, Sorin Vasile SAVU, Iulian ȘTEFAN, Andrej DAVID, Ionel Dănuț SAVU


The present paper proposes the realization of some researches related to microwave heating of composite material based on Fe97.5%Gr0.5%Cu2% reinforced with natural ceramic Rapana Thomasiana powders for improvement of preheating conditions of composites that are subject to welding. The study has been focused on microwave heating mechanism for low power injection during sintering process of composite material in order to obtain economic efficiency of the process in terms of sintering time, energy saving and low carbon footprint. The results showed that, for 10% of Rapana Thomasiana in chemical composition of the samples, the thermal treatment process is feasible for microwave heating. The targeted temperatures were 350 oC and 950 oC and these values were reached after 75 s and 700 s.  In addition, the process proved to be very cheap in terms of staff costs and energy consumption.

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