Lucian Gheorghe GRUIONU, Răzvan Sabin STAN, Anca Loredana UDRIȘTOIU, Andreea Valentina IACOB, Mircea Cătălin CONSTANTINESCU, Gabriel GRUIONU


The placement of stents can be difficult especially in elderly patients with complex vascular disease where error of navigation and poor placement can require open surgery to correct device shift. To place the catheter that contains the stent in the exact position depends significantly on the surgeon’s skills. An improvement of precision can be obtained using medical robotics and image-guided navigation. Existing robotic solutions have several disadvantages like high equipment and procedure cost, size of the system, complexity of the procedure, accuracy to reach the target and necessity of new, customized instruments to cover all procedures.

The scope of this project is to develop a robotic and surgical navigation solution for increased precision and accuracy of early diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease and lung cancer, to increase success rate, decrease patient radiation and stress exposure, and substantially reduce the procedure cost. To accomplish this goal, we developed a working prototype of an endo-navigation robotic system, SAR-E (smart assisting robotic catheter for endovascular procedures) and tested it in a limited laboratory model for an initial proof-of-concept and safety of candidate demonstration.

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