Iulian ȘTEFAN, Daniela TARNIȚĂ, Ionela Gabriela BUCȘE, Ionel Dănuț SAVU, Sorin Vasile SAVU, Laura-Mădălina CURSARU, Roxana-Mioara PITICESCU


Rapana Thomasiana (RT) seashell is an important source of natural calcium carbonate that can be used to produce composites dedicated to medical purposes. Cracking processes were detected during the sintering process, and/or low mechanical characteristics were measured for the composites based on calcium carbonate provided by the RT seashell. Remnant organic elements were supposed to cause the cracking and the low characteristics, due to specific resistance to the pressing process before sintering. Preheating of the powder, before the pressing in dye, was proposed to 300/400/500oC. The reason was to completely burn the organic materials remained from the mollusc. Improvement of the ceramic material’s behaviour has been recorded: an increasing of the hardness with values up to 15%, and an increasing of the maximum supported force during the compression test with values up to 25%.

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