Mihai Cătălin ȚENOVICI, Dragoș-Laurențiu POPA, Daniel ILIUTA, Gabriel BUCIU, Daniela VINTILĂ, Diana PRUNOIU, Vladimir ONTICA, Dănut Nicolae TARNIȚĂ


The paper first presents some methods and techniques for obtaining 3D models of bone that compose the knee joint. The components of a classic knee prosthesis were also modeled and implanted virtually on the virtual bone components. Subsequently, these metal and bone components composed a classic knee prosthesis system. Based on clinical observations, an innovative knee prosthesis was modeled to allow relative elasticity, but also sufficient rigidity, based on elastic rods on which metal spheres were placed. This prosthetic system has also been virtually implanted on the bony components of the knee joint. These two orthopedic prosthetic systems were analyzed by the finite element method to detect their behavior at load similar to human gait. The results obtained were analyzed, compared and interesting conclusions were highlighted.

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