Maria Elena BOATCA, Anca DRAGHICI, Corina SUTEU, Dorina FARCAS


Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) remain a major concern in the field of ergonomics and occupational health and safety. The reactive approach to ergonomic risks does not provide solutions for prevention of new cases of WMSDs in the workplace. Therefore, the authors consider that creation of a prevention program is a valid solution for elimination of ergonomic risks, as long as prophylaxis initiatives do not negatively interfere with company productivity. The paper is concerned with conception of a prevention program aimed at reducing incidence of WMSDs, starting from the ergonomic risks assessment of a workplace in a waste management company. Additionally, for successful implementation of the prevention program, the authors proposed an informative session to raise awareness of WMSDs and train employees for program implementation.

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