Cristina GOGELESCU (MEIṬĂ), Roxana Oana CHIVU, Anamaria Ioana FEIER, Claudia BORDA, Marilena GHEORGHE


The paper includes theoretical and practical information that has accumulated over time, but also proposes several solutions in terms of work equipment, workload and environment, as well as regarding the workers, all with the aim of preventing accidents at work on construction sites. More specifically, the aim is to identify appropriate collective protection in relation to the workload, so that construction sites are safe for workers exposed to the risk of falling from a height (employers, employees, supervisors, self-employed persons, staff involved in the inspection of work equipment or workplaces). The results of the research will help managers to prioritize risks according to the likelihood of accidents and injury characteristics and to pay more attention to balancing significant risk relationships to prevent accidents and achieve safer working environments. This paper aims to evaluate the work on occupational health services analyzing the results of the questionnaire.

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