Simion HARAGÂȘ, Ovidiu BUIGA, Lucian TUDOSE


Bearings are, in general, mounted with an interference fit on the shaft or in the housing. During the pressing phase, expansion/compression of the bearing rings and the mating assembly parts occur, influencing the operating bearing clearance. This paper refers to a new theoretical model which was developed for the exact calculation of the dimensionless coefficient - Kie and also for the radial displacements (suffered by the hub and shaft during the pressing phase) used in the case of an interference-fitted fastener to achieve the desired operational clearance. To validate the new mathematical model an experimental analysis of the interference-fit was carried out. In this vein, two sets of experimental specimens were produced. The first set has the shaft and the hub made of quenched and tempered - 41CrMo4 alloy steel and C45 respectively; for the 2nd set, the shaft is made of C45 and the hub is from X6CrNiTi18-10. It could be observed that the results from the two approaches i.e. theoretical and experimental were consistent and in relatively good agreement.

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