Ioan Alexandru POPAN, Cosmin COSMA, Alina Ioana POPAN, Adrian TRIF, Nicolae Alin PANC


The paper presents the piercing simulation of a composite material (CFRP), using abrasive water jet (AWJ). AWJ cutting process is a well-known technique applied for trimming the outer contour of CFRP parts with complex shapes. The challenge of CFRP processing is to machine geometries, such as internal shapes, holes, or slots, where the material needs to be pierced with AWJ. In this case, the AWJ strikes the composite material with a very high energy, introducing delamination on the material. To analysis the AWJ piercing, a theoretical simulation was carried out using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). The purpose of this dynamic analyzes performed is to study the stresses and deformations that appears in the material during the process.

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