Mihaela SIMION, Cristian VILĂU, Radu CHIOREAN, Paul BERE, Călin NEAMŢU, Cristian DUDESCU


Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics composite materials are increasingly used at the expense of traditional metallic materials due to their superior mechanical characteristics. In this paper is presented the experimental and numerical study of stiffness of an electrical vehicle tailgate made of CFRP composite material. For this purpose, the tailgate was subjected to a vertical static force, applied centrally and laterally to its symmetry axis. Finite element simulations were done for similar loading conditions in order to validate a numerical model. Material constants and strain-stress behavior were experimentally measured by standard tensile test considering an orthotropic material model. The obtained results of the tailgate stiffness test and simulation show a good convergence, the relative deviations being below 2%. Future works can be extended to other structural elements, such as doors, roofs, floors, etc., under static and dynamic loading conditions.

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