Ionela SOMEȘAN, Iuliu NEGREAN, Marinel Ionel RUS


The process of trajectory generation is executed through the application of polynomial interpolation functions, with their complexity defined by the constraints imposed by the technological protocol in which the robot is utilized. The central objective of this study is to deduce polynomial interpolation functions tailored to the structural configuration of the 3R serial robot. This robotic system has been seamlessly integrated into a technological workflow encompassing the sequential operations of selection, optical scanning, precise placement, and subsequent transportation of diverse-colored finished products into a container. Commencing the procedure, the structure of the three-degree-of-freedom robot was initially modeled using Solidworks design software, followed by subsequent simulation of its operational protocol. Drawing on the acquired data, which was inputted into MATLAB, the polynomial interpolation functions were derived utilizing a matrix housing unknown coefficients, the subsequent inversion of this matrix, a column vector, coefficients pertinent to the trajectories and graphical representations meticulously detailing the generalized positional, velocity, and acceleration parameters.

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