Eliza-Ioana APOSTOL, Diana DRAGOMIR, Aurel-Mihail ȚÎȚU


This paper studies the airflow around the NACA 0018 symmetric airfoil with hypersuspension system, considered to be an established airfoil, as it is the basis of aerodynamic studies to simulate airflow at different preset conditions. This airfoil has been the basis for aerodynamic developments to increase aerospace performance. The aerodynamic characteristics of an airfoil depend mainly on the flow characteristics, since a wing is actually an airfoil, it generates lift due to its characteristic shape. This study of airfoil performance will have a major impact on aircraft handling. Cross sections of wings, propeller blades, compressor and turbine blades of a jet engine, vertical stabilisers of aircraft, rotary wings and some fixed wings are examples of airfoils. Since a wing is a streamline body, it can have a symmetrical or non-symmetrical shape, characterised by chord length, angle of attack and characteristic length. The drag force and lift force depend significantly on the geometric shape of the airfoil. Correct airfoil design can minimise the drag produced on the airfoil. The purpose of the present study is to focus mainly on the aerodynamic parameters that lead to a significant increase in the lift coefficient, thus in this report the processes of airfoil modelling and simulation at different angles of attack are investigated. The project mainly focuses on the simulation of airflow around the airfoil and their validation through wind tunnel testing.

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