Polidor BRATU, Marilena Cristina NIȚU, Cornelia DOBRESCU


The research results of dynamic analysis and its effect on natural or backfilling soil, for construction foundations have been obtained due to the optimization of achieving the value 98% for the degree of compaction. Basically, for the construction of national roads and highways in Romania, there have been carried out tests for the correlation of vibratory roller performances with dynamic loading of 150 and 250 kN, excitation frequencies of 25 and 50 Hz. The period of research was 2008-2021 and the focus was that of optimal correlating the dynamic parameters to the technological requirements for soils compaction, in order to achieve a minimum value of 98% for the degree of compaction. For soil compaction there is used trailed or self-propelled vibratory equipment. The mass M of vibratory roller is within the interval (3000 ... 5000) kg and the initial excitation forces are of amplitude (2 ... 5) G, where G is correlated to the mass values (G = 9.81M).
This paper also analysis the variation curves for the amplitude of forced vibrations depending on the excitation pulsation, the force acting on the shaft of eccentric rotating masses and generating the dynamic force. The experimental results were determined „in situ”.

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