Claudiu Ioan RUSAN, Cornel CIUPAN, Mihai CIUPAN, Dan HURGOIU


A company is considered profitable if it produces products that are competitive and that strike a balance between quality and cost. In today's market economy and globalized markets, it is possible to remain competitive if the products offered meet the quality requirements of customers and are sold at an appropriate cost, and this is possible if the company's machines are: reliable, offer a certain flexibility, have a low cost of manufacture or purchase, have low energy consumption, and can be easily reconfigured and adapted to new products. Accordingly, CNC-based systems, i.e., CNC routers, are rapidly adapting to the production requirements constrained by the current market and will continue to see increased use at the expense of high-cost CNC machines and especially conventional machine tools. The author focuses on the design and development of a high-performance Gantry CNC router that will have three kinematic translation axes, a reconfigurable structure made of commercial aluminium profiles and a 3-kW main milling spindle. The aim of the work is to generate new knowledge in how to build CNC routers and obtain their theoretical stiffness by FEA.

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