Yusaku TAHARA, Kosuke NAGAI, Sumika ARIMA


This paper introduces the n-step hybrid flow-shop scheduling (nHFS) for a corporated supply chain in which component assembly and final assembly factories are linked in series (tandem-type). We applied n-GuptaEX=SETUPBO method (Mao et al., 2022) which is advanced form of one of representative nHFS solution proposed by J.N.D Gupta et al. (2002). As a baseline, n-GuptaEX-SETUPBO method improved both the optimization level and the computational efficiency much in our previous study. Now, for the case of multi-factory, each factory has a different utility, and there is a trade-off relationship between them. The purpose of this study is to improve the performance of the entire supply chain through integrated scheduling that balance the interests of each factory. Its scheduling performance is evaluated by comparing it to other existing approaches. Discrete event simulation is used in numerical experiments.

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