Emilia BRAD, Costan-Vlăduţ TRIFAN, Vasile-Dragoş BARTOŞ, Ionuţ Adrian CHIS, Anca STAN


The rapidly evolving field of Augmented Reality (AR) technology offers significant potential to revolutionize traditional training methods in various industries. This study investigates the use of AR, specifically smart glasses, to improve the training efficiency and performance of CNC milling machine operators. The research question seeks to understand how the integration of AR technology in the form of smart glasses can enhance the learning process and optimize the overall training experience for CNC milling machine operators. Our methodology involves a comprehensive approach to developing, testing, and improving an AR application tailored for CNC milling machine operation, seamlessly integrated with smart glasses. The application utilizes advanced AR technologies, such as real-time information display and context-sensitive assistance, to provide an immersive learning experience. A sample group of trainees participates in a controlled study to evaluate the effectiveness of AR-assisted training in comparison to traditional training methods. Quantitative data analysis reveals a 30% improvement in training efficiency and a 25% reduction in the training period, leading to enhanced operator performance and reduced error rates. A thorough discussion of these findings evaluates their implications for CNC milling machine training, including the advantages and limitations of the AR-assisted approach, as well as recommendations for future research to further explore the potential of AR in industrial training contexts. A thorough discussion of these findings evaluates their implications for CNC milling machine training, study limitations, and recommendations for future research.

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