Ana-Diana POP-SUĂRĂȘAN, Nicolae Stelian UNGUREANU


: In the context of an information technology era, digitalization and a fulminant technological evolution, the prescriptive maintenance occupies a crucial place for increased automation and continuous improvement processes. The concepts and technologies of Industry 4.0 can be applied to various industrial models, starting from the production line and continuing to the decision-making act.
The automation, design and operationalization of maintenance plans are becoming more and more effective due to technologies based on the processing of the Artificial Intelligence’s machine learning algorithms. Concretely, this paper aims to address a method in which an innovative maintenance strategy, such as the prescriptive one, can influence the organizational development.
The predictability, the visibility and the efficiency of the prescriptive analytics and the use of technologies such as the Internet of Things and Big Data provide an improved interconnectivity between systems. Thus, the research proposes to achieve a strategy to determine the manner and application degree in which the prescriptive maintenance will be applied depending on the organizational technical characteristics. This paper presents an analysis of the specialized literature in the field of maintenance, which allows the identification of further research directions.

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