Florin VÎLCEANU, Ancuța Mirela RADU, Stela DINESCU, Ovidiu Bogdan TOMUȘ, Alexandru Robert CIOCLU


The paper studies the effect that the dynamic factors have on the estimation of the service life of a bucket wheel excavator. Starting from the design standards, it was found that by ignoring the dynamic factors, numerous cracks appear in the structure of the equipment. It is thus necessary to combine standards with measurements of mechanical stresses using strain gauges, both in static and dynamic mode during excavation. Based on this approach, a case study was conducted on an ERc1400-30/7 excavator, for which the specific deformations have been established in dynamic and static mode. Finally, an approximate value for the dynamic factor was obtained and the durability curves were traced, showing the influence of the dynamic factor on the S-N curve.

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