Mihaiela ILIESCU, Cristina BEŞLEAGĂ, Cristina Marilena NITU, Andrei TOMULESCU, Octavian MELINTE, Ioana PINTILIE, Maria Magdalena ROȘU


This paper evidences research results on a new technology for deposition of TiO2 nanostructured layers on glass. Air pollution, industrialization and everyday life activities are factors that point towards the need for efficient and ergonomic cleaning process of the impressive glazing surfaces that surround people in modern offices, leisure places and not the least, in houses. The design of equipment, the innovative technique based on pneumatically spraying a suspension of TiO2 nanocrystals, the process parameters and preliminary test results for the obtained layers stand as main topics for the article. Integration of the system into industry 4.0 virtual intelligent platform is also presented. Further research development in order to validate the nanostructured TiO2 coating on glazed surfaces is aimed.

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