Ionut MITITELU, Nicoleta IFTIMIE, Adriana SAVIN, Gabriel-Silviu DOBRESCU, Paul-Doru BARSANESCU


The studies investigate the mechanical loading tests of laminated composites manufactured by two methods as vacuum-packed wet coating and autoclave processing method and were performed using two types of epoxy / carbon laminates. The stacking sequence is imposed on the eight-layer laminate [0]8 and [(45/0)2]s. The orientation of the fibers, the stacking sequences and the production methods influence the response of the composite structure. Starting from estimating the response of the composite structure to mechanical loads, an optimized Arcan device for testing thin composite plates was used. A finite element analysis of the Iosipescu type test piece in a biaxial state of stress was made using ANSYS 17.0 software.

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