Vasile ERMOLAI, Alexandru SOVER, Gheorghe NAGÎȚ, Marius Andrei BOCA, Alexandru Ionuț IRIMIA


Fused Filament Fabrication builds parts layer-wise by depositing molten thermoplastic in the shape of filaments. Those are characterized by thickness and width. Together with the deposition speed, they determine the material flow. Depending on the extrusion system melting capacity and the considered materials, the flow can be limited to a certain degree, leading to under-extrusion. Slicing tools such as Cura allows filaments to overlap to compensate for under-extrusion and prevent voids formation. However, if the superposition is too high, the melt is squeezed out of the deposition path, affecting the surface quality. This study aimed to evaluate the influence of raster width, angle, overlap, and deposition speed over the top surface topography of samples printed of ABS, ASA, and PC. The results show that the rasters’ width and overlap significantly influence top surface topography.

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