Claudiu Ionuț MALEA, Eduard Laurențiu NIȚU, Claudiu BĂDULESCU, Daniela Monica IORDACHE


Hard steels are often used in the die and mold industry, but also in other industries, such as the automotive and naval industries. These types of steels have certain difficulties in their machining processes, which is why these aspects must be analysed and understood in order to correctly determine the cutting tools, the technological devices used, and the technological parameters utilised. In this paper, the process forces for face milling of hard 55NiCrMoV7 steel are analysed. An elastic device with strain gauge marks is used to measure the cutting forces in three directions, and a face-centered composite design is implemented, in which the cutting depth, feed per tooth, and cutting speed are varying. The results highlight the influences of cutting parameters on process forces based on dependency equations. The study provides theoretical and technical support for the analysis of face milling of hard steels.

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