Daniel BESNEA, Edgar MORARU, Alina SPÂNU, Victor-Florin CONSTANTIN, Elena DINU, Iolanda PANAIT


Additive DLP printing technology is an additive manufacturing process based on the use of ultraviolet light for the solidification of liquid polymeric resins sensitive to this radiation and the obtaining in a short time and with a high surface quality of parts with complex geometries with numerous applications in the medical area, micromechanics, microfluidic or moulding. In the paper are presented the advantages of this technology regarding the obtaining of functional prototypes with complex geometries made of different materials including applications in the biomedical field, the obtaining of master moulds for injection process, models for medical prosthetics, hearing aids, dental restorations, microfluidic models, emphasizing the fact that the prototypes are used for demonstrative models or functional testing with high surface quality and precision.

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