Alexandra-Ileana PORTOACA, George-Razvan RIPEANU, Ion NAE, Maria TANASE


3D printing has advanced in manufacturing technology, with increasing use for parts production. The study aimed to modify 3D printing parameters to create samples with different layer thicknesses (0.1, 0.15, 0.2 mm) and infill percentages (50%, 75%, 100%). Both as-built and heat-treated samples (75°C, 3 hours) were evaluated for their microgeometry parameters in order to determine the influence of printing regime. On a CSM universal tribometer, friction coefficients and cumulative linear wear were measured for a class 4 friction pair consisting of a disc and a cube specimen. Heat treatment improved microgeometry (approximately 50% reduction in Ra), while slight increases in friction coefficients were observed after annealing, resulting various values determined by printing regime.

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