In this paper, we discussed the cutting performance of multipass abrasive waterjet (AWJ) machining by presenting findings from an experimental study conducted on Hardox steel. To determine the geometry of the cut profile for the Hardox-500 material sample during multipass AWJ machining, experiments were carried out for
a wide number of passes, namely 1 to 4 under different jet pressure and mass flow rate values. Research has demonstrated that setting the right cutting parameters can result in superior performance with multipass cutting compared to single-pass cutting. It was shown that multipass cutting is rather efficient in increasing the depth of penetration and reducing kerf taper angle, as 3 to 9 times higher depths and 2 to 4 times lower kerf angles were able to be obtained especially for pressure and abrasive mass flow rate values of 250 MPa and 7 g/s, respectively, whereas kerf width was affected to a lesser extent by the number of passes.

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