Adriana NEAG, Eric BECKER, Mariana POP, Emerik HENRION, Regis BIGOT


The behavior of aluminum alloy to deformation is strongly influenced by the morphology of the microstructure. This paper illustrates several experimental research activities for thixoextrusion of 7075 aluminum alloy being carried out within the “Arts et Métiers ParisTech” of METZ. Inductive re-heating of the aluminum billet is the method to enable the desired liquid fraction for thixoextrusion. Experimental results show that after induction reheating the solid particles obtained has globular shape and homogeneous dimension. A sample obtained from a direct extruded bar is inserted in a die and thixoextruded after reheating in semisolid state. In laboratory experiments the temperature it was directly controlled applying thermocouples for temperature measurements in the slug and also in the die. The experimental tests were made for two different working speeds on the mechanical eccentric press. The preliminary experimental results on extrusion load and microstructure evolution of the product are reported. These results will contribute to implementing the specific boundary condition of the manufacturing process to the future numerical analysis of the current project activities.

Key words: Semi-solid, thixoextrusion, 7075, aluminium, solid fraction


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